“5:15pm is a regular kick-off time in the football calendar”

So say the Football Association in response the Manchester City and Wigan Athletic fans who won’t be able to travel home by train that day if they stay to the end of the game and would like the match scheduled earlier in the day. It drew me back to a picture, below, I took a couple of months ago, just testing out some lights lamenting the demise of the traditional 3 o’clock kick-off. I decided to take the picture as I was fed up with my team, West Ham United, playing at odd times and never being quite sure when they were playing next.

Traditional 3 o'clock football kick off
Traditional 3 o’clock football kick off time.

So I apologize to the Football Association for forgetting that 5:15pm is the “regular” kick-off time and at the earliest opportunity I will retake the picture with the correct time.

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